Music in film TOP Ten

I stumbled on an article of a Finnish music magazine Rondo, in which a young cellist and music director Klaus Mäkelä shares his favourite music films/ musical films. I happen to love lists, and adore film, so I had to make one of my own.
Here is my top ten: the films that are more because of the music, use music exquisitely, or have made an impact to me as a viewer setting such a high standard that nothing less pleases me any more.
The ones that came to me without thinking, and probably forgetting something crucial. In no particular order and therefore not numbered:

  • On my first choice I agree with Mr. Mäkelä on Amadeus. It got oh so impressive, gloomy, and gothic toward the end, and although Tom Hulce is one of the worst castings in film history (Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins is clearly the champion), there remains F. Murray Abraham, Mozart, and the script, and that is quite enough, don´t you think?
  • This is… Spinal Tap!
  • With Ennio Morricone I choose my favourite Once upon a time in the West on the grounds of the scene where Henry Fonda shoots the little boy, and what comes next… and the harmonica.
  • Saturday Night Fever. ´Cos ”You can see by the way I use my walk…”
  • Deliverance. C´mon – dueling banjos!
  • Pat Garrett & Jesse James by Peckinpah (Bob Dylan, AND two alpha males in the lead.)
  • Carmen by Carlos Saura (Carmen is not my favourite opera, but the story is great.)
  • Wayne´s World  (”NO Stairway to heaven!”)
  • Clockwork Orange (Good ol´Ludwig Van)
  • The Draughtman´s Contract (the music just fits so GOOD).

This list could not be more subjective. I will not underestimate my readers by explaining. If you are not familiar with all the films mentioned above, do something about it! They all are worth seeing. I mean it. Even Saturday Night Fever is so much more than a phenomena with some (undeniably) great moves.
I do not mention  Blues Brothers, because it contains too much chases and wrecking of cars, O Brother Where Art Thou because  as a film it is just so much worse than Down by Law by Jim Jarmusch, nor musicals, which I don´t care for (with the necessary exception of Fred Astaire, that only serves as a proof of my hating musicals).
The list could iclude The Third Man, La Strada, and other great film themes, and every single Kubric film, but one has to draw the line.

For those who have the super power of mastering the Finnish language, here is a link to the original Rondo article where I stole the idea from:



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